3 Ukrainian-based Tech Companies That Need Your Support

Published on
October 19, 2022
The Ukrainian flag blowing in a field.
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As Ukraine continues to battle Russia for control of the country, many Ukrainian-based tech companies are feeling the strain. These companies provide important services that people rely on every day, and they need your support now more than ever. Here are 3 Ukrainian tech companies that could use your business!


MacPaw's CleanMyMac is a powerful tool for keeping your Mac clean and running smoothly. But many people don't know that they got their start in Ukraine! MacPaw was founded in 2008 by two friends, Oleksiy Pylypenko and Volodymyr Tymchuk. Ukraine is still home to its headquarters and many of its employees.

If you're looking for a way to help support Ukrainian tech, consider purchasing CleanMyMac or one of MacPaw's other products. I use this tool at home, and amazingly, I have had no service disruption - even as the war rages on. You can be sure that your purchase will go towards helping keep this company running during these difficult times.

Click here to learn more about helpful actions you can take from MacPaw's own landing page.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash


Grammarly is a well-known grammar-checking tool that helps you write better. But did you know that it was founded 13 years ago in Ukraine?  

The company has since grown into a global powerhouse, with operations across North America. However, they still maintain an office in Kyiv, Ukraine, where they've implemented several new policies to help support their Ukrainian team members - including one year of paid leave for any employees who join the volunteer army.

One way you can help support Grammarly is by purchasing a premium subscription to their tool.  I use this tool for personal and work communications, and it has been invaluable in helping me communicate more clearly and effectively. They've pledged to continue directly funding organizations providing aid to Ukraine, so your purchase will go towards supporting the country directly.

You can also visit their dedicated landing page, which outlines several ways you can help Ukraine in its time of need.


GitLab provides a software package that helps you develop, secure, and operate software in one place. They have 13 team members currently residing in Ukraine.

In response to the current situation in Ukraine, GitLab has implemented a few changes to help support their team. First, they've set up a remote work fund to help cover the costs of employees who need to relocate due to the conflict. They've also created a hardship fund to help those affected by the war financially. And finally, they're working with the Sijbrandij Foundation LLC to match all donations made to the following charities by GitLab team members: UNICEF, Save the Children, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Amnesty International.

Learn more about their efforts and how you can help by visiting their Ukraine crisis response page.


There are many ways you can help support Ukraine during this difficult time. The three tech companies mentioned above need your support now more than ever. Consider making a purchase from one of these companies or donating to one of the charities they're supporting. Share this blog post with your friends and family to spread the word about how we can all help Ukraine in its time of need. Every little bit helps!

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