The Gender Gap in Technology – Why Women Are Left Behind

Published on
October 24, 2022
Black woman working on a computer outside a server room.
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Women are often left behind when it comes to technology. This is not only true in the workforce but also in terms of access to education and opportunity. In this blog post, I will explore some of the reasons why women are so often left out of the technology industry. I will also discuss what can be done to help close the gender gap in technology.

One reason for this gender disparity in technology is the lack of women in leadership positions. In fact, a study by the National Center for Women & Information Technology found that women only hold 25% of leadership roles in technology companies. This lack of representation can lead to women not being considered for certain roles or promotions, and it also sets a harmful precedent for women entering the industry.

Another issue is the stereotype that women are not as skilled or interested in technology as men. This false belief can lead to women being passed over for opportunities and promotions, and it can also discourage women from pursuing careers in technology.

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

So what can be done to close the gender gap in technology? One solution is to increase diversity in hiring and leadership positions. This can help women feel more represented and included in the industry. One company paving the way in this area is Zoom. This year, Statista ranked Zoom the highest in its software diversity index, with women making up 37% of its workforce.

Second, it's important to encourage women and girls to pursue careers in technology. This can be done through outreach programs in schools, involvement in women’s empowerment groups, and offering mentorship opportunities for women in the industry. Programs like Girls Who Code are making a positive impact in this area.

Third, we must strive for a culture of inclusivity and respect in the technology industry. This includes promoting women’s achievements, implementing policies against discrimination and harassment, and providing support for women facing challenges in the workplace. Thought leaders like Tracy Chou, founder of Project Include, have been advocating for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.


Closing the gender gap in technology is not just about fairness and equality – it's also about improving the industry as a whole. When diverse voices are included, we can come up with more innovative solutions and advance as a society. It's time for women to have equal opportunities and recognition in technology. Let's make it happen.

Happy coding, Queen :-)

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